Aromatherapy Candles


Aromatherapy Soy Candles –

Retail Price – $12.00
Wholesale Price – $7.20
natural soy wax to create a longer burning,
soot-free candle blended with real, plant-derived essential oils. We have upgraded our aromatherapy candles to this 8 ounce, glass, amber jar giving you more candle and more burn time than our previously packaged tins. We find this glass container makes for a nice, smooth burning candle that burns clean all the way across the glass.
Burn time, up to 45 hours.
8 oz. $7.20

$7.20 – aromatherapy soy candle


Every day, we see commercials promoting that their candles are made with real essential oils when it is obvious that they are not. Example: “try our new cucumber melon candle made with REAL essential oils” … No, afraid not. There is no such thing as cucumber melon essential oil. While a cucumber is a real vegetable and a melon is a real fruit, essential oils cannot be extracted from either one because both consist primarily of water. And while we do sell scented candles, we don’t mark them as aromatherapy. This is why our two types of soy candles are found on different pages of our website – to avoid any confusion.

Using the word essential oil has become a marketing gimmick for so many large companies and, frankly, it confuses the buying public who may not know what essential oils and aromatherapy actually are. We are passionate about what we do and the products that we make and feel that honesty and knowledge should arrive with every product.

Our soy candles are used for aromatherapy and are only scented with real essential oils — that is, oils that are extracted from plants, flowers, bark, spices, etc.

The above mentioned larger corporations are referring to FRAGRANCE OILS. Fragrance oils have absolutely no aromatherapy value and are simply for the beauty of their scent and to make your home smell nice.

When we say that we make and sell a lavender essential oil candle, that means we melt soy wax and mix in real lavender essential oil that has been steam distilled from the lavender plant. When you burn one of our aromatherapy candles the essential oils are departed into the room giving you genuine aromatherapy value.

These plant derived oils, known as essential oils, are what is used in genuine aromatherapy. Artificial fragrances smell pretty but have not aromatherapy value. We have found that truth, honesty and education have been the cornerstone to our company’s success over the past decade. We would rather sell an honest product and have our customers return for years to come. Our customers have the comfort of knowing that have purchased a product that was manufactured by a knowledgeable and thoughtful, real person. In this case, aromagregory knows what a real aromatherapy essential oil candle is and we’re happy to be able to offer them.

Calm and Relaxed Aromatherapy Candle –
lavender, chamomile, clary sage, palmarosa, mandarin

Clove Aromatherapy Candle –
memory loss, stimulating, warming

Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Candle –
invigorating, balancing, mind-clearing

Garden Gate Aromatherapy Candle –
spearmint, peppermint, lavender, rosemary

Headache Relief Aromatherapy Candle –
a blend of peppermint, ginger, lavender, and pink grapefruit for headache relief

Lavender Aromatherapy Candle –
calming, relaxing, soothing, insomnia

Lemongrass Sage Aromatherapy Candle –
lemongrass and clary sage

Patchouli Aromatherapy Candle –
calming, concentration, grounding

Peppermint Aromatherapy Candle –
cooling, stimulating, headaches

Romance Aromatherapy Candle –
a romantic blend of sandalwood, lavender, and rose.

Rosemary Aromatherapy Candle –
mind clearing, grief, fatigue

Stress and Anxiety Aromatherapy Candle –
geranium, bergamot, rosemary, juniper, lemongrass, lavender